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VEM - the OEM manufacturer and engineering services'company. We manufacturer high quality products in our Shenzhen factory in China which is ISO 9001 certified. With over 500 employees, we provide a one-stop service for electronics manufacturing.
Our offices in Asia, Europe and North America ensure smooth communications and After Sales Services.

German precision, American service, Chinese prices-that's VEM.

    VEM's strong points are:
     • PCBA (SMT, COB, DIP)+final assembly and testing, including Flex PCB assy
     • Tool making
     • Plastic Part Injection and Assembly
     • Product design for both electronics and plastics

    Our electronics manufacturing capability:
     • SMT of chip size of 0402 and 0201
     • BGA and uBGA
     • Flex PCB(Min. thickness 0.08mm) assembly
     • Wire bonding
     • ICT, Functional test and fixture building
     • Clean room of class 10,000 and class 100,000

    The advantage of choosing VEM:
     • Western Management on site in Asia, German owned company
     • Fast and reliable service with direct communications
     • On time delivery
     • High quality guaranteed

Main Equirement
Equirement Name Model Qty
SMT Pick & Place M/C JUKI 750/2010/2020/FX-1R/2050 R/2060R 19 sets
Auto solder paste printer MIRAMI MK-878SV 2 sets
Semi-Auto Screen Printer SAKI SP3325, KWA-9016 6 sets
IR Re-flow Machine Heller-1809EXL/FO LUNG NW850 8 sets
BGA,μBGA Rework Station PACE TF700 2 sets
Optical Insp. Station for BGA Reball MS1000 2 sets
Automatic Optical Inspector (AOI) SAKI BF-18D-N40 2 sets
X-Ray Inspection Checker MS-X500 2 sets
Wire Bonding Machine ASM /AB559,530,510,520,500B 20 sets
Auto Epoxy coating machine ASM DS500 2 sets
Oven for Epoxy Curing   5 sets
Semi-Auto Dispenser   12 sets
Wave soldering machine SUN EAST, NOUSSSTAR, FOLUNG 5 sets
Ultra Sonics Cleaning M/C JASO, HEKEDA 4 sets
Heat Chamber, Oven   8 sets
Ultrasonic Welding M/C   1 set
High Frequency Welding M/C   1 set
RoHS inspection machine   1 set
Spectrum Analyser 1.05GHz   3 sets
In-Circuit Tester   3 sets
Oscilloscope (up to 100 MHz)   4 sets
IC Programmer, Microscope (10X, 20X....40X)    
Signal Generator (1 GHz), Shield Room (1 GHz)    
Frequency Counter